Rozwiązywanie problemów

Why is it important to know how to solve a problem? Because an unresolved issue will have an impact on achieving your goals as well as your relationships with your team and your customers.
Effective problem solving is a structured process that involves

  • Identification of the problem: Recognize that there is a problem and define it.
  • Structuring the problem: Observe, inspect, and develop a clear picture of the problem.
  • Looking for possible solutions: Generate a range of possible courses of action without evaluating them.
  • Decision for a solution: Carefully analyze the different possible courses of action and then select the best solution for implementation.
  • Implementation of the solution: Accept and carry out the chosen course of action.
  • Monitoring/Seeking Feedback: Review the outcomes of your solution over a period of time and seek feedback on it.

So, successful problem solving is where you apply a myriad of other competences, among which are, for example, creativity, teamwork, and decision making