Discover – Identify your entrepreneurial skills and start-up!

“Europe’s economic growth and jobs depend on its ability to support the growth of enterprises. Entrepreneurship creates new companies, opens up new markets, and nurtures new skills.” (

Without doubts, entrepreneurship plays an important role for the economic development and is besides a great chance for the founders –  but nevertheless starting-up also means risks. So what makes a person a successful entrepreneur and how can the risks be minimized? The Discover project tries to answer these questions and deals with entrepreneurial skills and competences.

An assessment dedicated to entrepreneurial skills and competences, based on the German tool ProfilPASS, will allow persons interested in starting-up to know more about their level of relevant competences. An Online Competence Trainer will help them in filling in possible gaps. Guidelines and training for ProfilPASS for Entrepreneurs counsellors will support professionals in working with this new tool and support potential start-ups in the best possible way.

ProfilPASS for self-employment

The ProfilPASS for self-employment is an adapted version of the original ProfilPASS, which was specially developed for the needs of founders. The 13 entrepreneurial skills in the ProfilPASS for self-employment form an intersection of different skills models and are largely based on the EntreComp skills model of the Joint Research Center of the European Commission (2016).

ProfilPASS for self-employment to print out
The entire ProfilPASS for self-employment as a PDF, optimized for printing in A4 format.

ProfilPASS for self-employment as a desktop version
The entire ProfilPASS for self-employment as a PDF, optimized for viewing on the screen.


ProfilPASS for self-employment – Online


The online version offers the advantage that your data is stored anonymously and can be interrupted at any time. Your results then flow directly into the online competence trainer. Without any further effort you will be offered specific exercises to expand even more expandable competences. Of course you can also use this area if you have worked with the pdf file. In this case you will be asked to enter your results in a query mask at the beginning.