Rezistența la stres

Some individuals seem to be stress-resistant and stress-tough. They appear to be balanced, happy, creative, resourceful and strong, even when faced with multiple psychosocial stressors and difficult situations.

  • Stress resistance implies
  • Psychological strength,
  • a positive attitude
  • purpose
  • keeping life in perspective
  • a good sense of personal control and
  • Living well.

In short, stress resistance serves as a buffer against stress and help to rebound quickly from difficulties!

Stress-resistant people

  • believe they exert and that they have self-control. They see themselves as the Captain of the ship and as being empowered to overcome problems.
  • have a hopeful attitude and emphasize the positive. They are optimistic and focus on assets and finding solutions.
  • know what is critical and important in their life. They are committed to their family, work and themselves. Thus, they are able to tackle issues, overcome barriers, and get through a crisis.
  • are able to keep their life balanced with an accurate and positive perspective. They tend to respond with confidence, dignity and patience to daily hassles and problems.