Habilidades de liderazgo

Leadership ability is understood to be a proactive, goal-oriented way of behavior that is not focused on one’s own positional power. A good leader is characterized by professional, social, and methodical competence, but also needs good communication and problem solving skills and, of course, has to work well in a team. As a leader, you have to be dependable and show integrity. Therefore, the formulation and implementation of clear goals are the foundations of good leadership. Setting clear goals ensures the understanding of your team members and helps them to get involved.

With good leadership skills you are able to set realistic long-, medium- and short-term goals; define priorities and develop action plans; and adapt to unforeseen changes.

Leadership is not necessarily a matter of hierarchy: You can also assume a leadership role among your peers, for example by supporting your colleagues, offering them advice, and being a reliable, creative team member.