Teamwork ability

1. Communication and Coordination

Communication is key to successful teamwork: It is important for team members to clearly know what their fellow team members are working on, their ideas, and their plans to carry forward the project. A lack of communication can increase the workload, increases frustration, and overall causes a whole load of challenges that can be avoided from the start.
Coordination is equally important: The manager or team leader should delegate roles and responsibilities according to the skills and interests of the team members to ensure an effective working environment.

With the following exercises, you and your team can train your communication and coordination with each other. If you do not have a team at work, ask friends and family to stand in and help you to improve your competence.

Communication and Coordination Exercise 1 as PDF

Communication and Coordination Exercise 2 as PDF

2. Active Listening

Active listening is very important for successful communication in a team. It means listening to a speaker with all of your attention and giving verbal and non-verbal clues that you are indeed listening. There are six main points to active listening.

With the following exercises you and your team members can improve your active listening skills together:

Active Listening as PDF